Founded in 1952 during the nation-wide reorganization of institutesof higher education, Shanghai Second Medical College was a mergerof the School of Medicine of St. John’s University (1896-1952), theMedical College of Aurora University (1918-1952), and the Tong-DeMedical College, three long-standing medical cathedrals. In 1985,the school was renamed Shanghai Second Medical University. In July,2005, under an agreement signed by Shanghai Municipal Governmentand the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University andShanghai Second Medical University, both with a long history, weremerged into one. The new medical school was named Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM).


Adhering to the fine tradition of accepting and adopting the bestof all schools of thoughts and learning the merits of all kinds ofpractices, and carrying forward the spirit of exploring medicalscience to the limits through diligence and dedication, SJTUSM hasdeveloped its own style and characteristics in its mode ofschooling. Since the merging of two universities, while continuingits pursuit for the relief of human sufferings and the perfectionof health, SJTUSM has incorporated Jiao Tong University’s ideal of“bearing in mind the source of happiness and bringing credit to theschool by serving the country.”


In the more than 50 years since its founding, following the Party’seducational policy and based on the needs of the society formedical personnel, SJTUSM has greatly expanded its scale andimproved teaching quality. From the 2 undergraduate programs and 33-year vocational programs in its early days, SJTUSM now has the7-year program of clinical medicine, 8-year programs of clinicalmedicine and oral medicine, as well as 10 undergraduate programs.


SJTUSM has under its administration 7 affiliated general hospitals,5 affiliated special hospitals, and 15 teaching centers forclinical practice, with the total number of beds for patientsreaching 11,999,constituting the richest teaching resources amongall medical schools in the country.


SJTUSM has 21 colleges and departments. Currently it has about6,800 students at the undergraduate level and above, half of thembeing graduate students. SJTUSM offers educational programs in amulti-level, multi-form and multi-degree way, including 8-yearprograms of clinical medicine, 7-year program of clinical medicineand oral medicine, and 10 undergraduate programs which are ClinicalMedicine, Stomatology, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing,Biomedical Engineering, Public Health Administration, Nutrition,Marketing, Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine

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