Message from the Chancellor


Education is an endeavour with huge benefits to the present and boundless influence on the future, while health is the greatest treasure of the mankind and the foundation  for  societal progress. If our universities are the places where young talents of international competitiveness and high quality are trained, medical schools serve as cradles for aspiring young men and women who wish to shoulder the responsibility of relieving human suffering and enhancing perfect health.


Over several decades, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of medicine, through its assiduous work, has cultivated a large number of outstanding figures and brilliant experts, and people needed by the society.


Whether in the simple and crude schoolhouse of its early years or in today’s beautiful campus, the song of youth has always echoed around. Possessing a golden heart and perfect skills has always been the ultimate principle and pursuit, a torch carried by the students one generation after another. The spirit of exploring medical science to the limits though diligence and dedication has directed and motivated all staff members and all students to aim high and forge ahead.


The new century offers a new beginning. In face of new challenges and fresh opportunities, let us work for greater accomplishments with our single-minded determination and unremitting efforts.


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